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Fu Lu Shou Complex is a shopping mall along Rochor Road in the Bugis area of Singapore. Named after the three Lucky Gods of Taoism which represent Good Fortune (Fu), Prosperity (Lu) and Longevitiy (Shou), the mall specialises in prayer Taoist and Buddhist items. The figures of Fu Lu Shou is depicted on the façade of the mall facing Rochor Road.

Fu Lu Shou Complex, Singapore
Fu Lu Shou Complex, Singapore
Author: Terence Ong (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported)

Fu Lu Shou Complex has five above-ground levels. It is bordered by Rochor Road, Queen Street, Waterloo Street and the pedestrianised Albert Street, which separates it from Albert Centre. The mall is especially crowded during weekends and in the lead-up to big Taoist festivals, when shoppers converge here for prayer paraphernalia.

Some of the stores also have shrines integrated to them. They include a shrine for the Four-Faced Buddha, a Singapore "branch" of the famous Erawan Shrine of Bangkok.

Getting there

Take the East West MRT Line to the Bugis MRT Station. Take Exit C and then cross Victoria Street, continue north and then cross Queen Street, to reach the shopping mall.

Fu Lu Shou Complex, as seen from Rochor Centre
Fu Lu Shou Complex, as seen from Rochor Centre (10 July 2011)
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