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Makam Habib Noh or Keramat Habib Noh is the famous mausoleum of a Muslim saint in Singapore. It is located on a hillock near Palmer Road and East Coast Parkway.

Habib Noh was said to be born aboard a ship in the year 1788. When his mother was in labour, the ship was hit by a huge storm. His father Habib Mohamad Alhabshee, who bought Kampung Syed in Penang, made a vow that if the baby arrives safely, he would name the baby "Noh" in remembrance of Nuh (Noah). Miraculously Habib Noh arrived safely into the world.

Keramat Habib Noh, Singapore
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Habib Noh's early life is not well documented, other than he came from the state of Kedah in Malaysia, and lived for a while in Penang. However, he was an Arab from Hadramaut, in southern Arabia, in what is now known as Yemen. He moved to Singapore after the island became a British colony.

Habib Noh came into prominence because of the extraordinary things that he did, especially for the poor. Often, he would enter a shop, take out all the money from the cash drawer and throw it to the waiting children. Those shopkeepers who were aware of his holy state did not attempt to stop him, because they know they would be rewarded by Allah with prosperity in their business thereafter.

Other tales about Habib Noh's miracles include his ability to appear in a number of places at the same time. He had been seen in Mecca when it was known that he has not left Singapore. He has been known to say farewell to travellers leaving Singapore with the words 'I will be there when you arrive'. When the traveller reached his destination months later, Habib Noh would be there to welcome him at the harbour.

Habib Noh died in 1866 and was buried on the hill at his own prior request.br>